ThermWise® Home Energy Plan

Request a Home Energy Plan

We are now offering in-home visits as well as virtual Home Energy Plan visits (on the phone or Facetime).  Just email or call the number below to schedule a time.







A Home Energy Plan can help you identify ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency, saving you both energy and money. Your customized report will show you where improvements can be made, approximately how much those improvements will cost and how long it will take for the improvements to pay you back. Your report will also point out the ThermWise rebates you could receive as you make energy efficient home upgrades.

Option 1: In-Home Energy Plan

For $25, a Dominion Energy home energy expert will visit your home, conduct a thorough home energy efficiency analysis then offer helpful suggestions. Follow through on any of the rebate-qualified recommendations and you’ll get the $25 charge back as a credit on your gas bill.

Option 2: Mail-in Home Energy Plan

Do it yourself for free.

Either way, you end up with a comprehensive report to help you save energy and money. It’s a home energy roadmap—you decide what changes to make and when. As you make home improvements, don’t forget to see if you qualify for appliance or weatherization rebates.