Started in 2007, ThermWise is a Dominion Energy sponsored program that promotes the use of energy efficient appliances and practices to reduce natural gas usage.

Why does a gas company want me to use less gas?2019-04-02T02:57:44+00:00

Energy is a precious resource. Although there’s an abundant supply of natural gas in America, consumers should still use it wisely. When consumers use less natural gas, demand decreases. When demand decreases, prices drop and everyone benefits. Dominion Energy Utah (formerly Questar Gas) and state public service commissions work together to ensure the company can operate a safe and reliable distribution system while still encouraging customers to reduce their energy usage.

How does ThermWise promote energy efficiency?2019-04-02T02:58:35+00:00

The ThermWise programs educate and help offset the initial cost of energy efficient appliances and weatherization through rebates.

Where do the rebates come from?2019-04-02T02:59:09+00:00

The cost of rebates is built into our rates. The rebates are vetted by public service commissions’ strict “cost-effectiveness” tests. To pass these tests, Dominion Energy Utah must prove that the energy cost savings produced by the ThermWise programs exceed the cost of the rebates.

Who can participate?2019-03-06T22:09:39+00:00

ThermWise rebates are open to all residential and GS business customers. The program is not open to industrial customers.

Are rebates the same as tax credits?2019-03-06T22:10:01+00:00

Dominion Energy Utah is not a government entity and ThermWise rebates are not related to tax credits. If you want to learn more about government-funded energy efficiency tax credits, visit http://energy.utah.gov/funding-incentives/utility-incentives.

Are there any deadlines for submitting rebates?2019-03-06T22:10:23+00:00

Yes. To qualify for a rebate, the equipment must be purchased or installed during the eligible ThermWise program year, and the application must be submitted within six months of the purchase date.

Who is Therm?2019-03-06T22:10:42+00:00

Therm is our spokesperson for the ThermWise program. His job is to generate excitement for natural gas conservation. A therm is also a term used to measure heat.

Where do I start? 2019-11-05T18:03:50+00:00

The best way to start is to have a ThermWise Home Energy Plan. For $25, a company energy expert will visit your home, conduct a thorough home energy efficiency analysis and review the report with you. It will identify ways to conserve energy, apply for rebates, and save money for years to come. If you follow through on any of the rebate-qualified recommendations, you’ll get the $25 charge back as a credit on your gas bill. To schedule an appointment, call 1-888-324-3221 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We also offer a free “do-it-yourself” plan here that generates detailed recommendations to make your home more energy efficient.