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ThermWise® Energy Comparison Report

Dominion Energy’s ThermWise Energy Comparison Report is a customized report for customers who are interested in seeing how their energy usage compares to other homes in the area. The report also provides tips on how to best manage energy use, save on your monthly gas bill and help clean the air by reducing usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I view this report?2019-11-04T23:29:56+00:00

You can log in to your account to view an electronic version of the report.

Is the report confidential?2019-03-07T14:07:37+00:00


Does receiving the ThermWise Energy Comparison Report affect when I receive my regular gas bill?2019-03-07T14:08:06+00:00

No. Your gas bill will continue to come on the same schedule as you have been receiving it.

Why does a gas company want me to use less gas?2019-04-02T03:02:40+00:00

The demand for energy rises as the population increases. It makes more sense, environmentally and financially, to encourage customers to use less energy than it does to produce more.

How does Dominion Energy compare customers?2019-03-07T14:08:39+00:00

The report compares 100 houses of similar ages, square footage and design. The report also factors in things like standard usage and weather.

Using this comparison group, the report would place your usage in one of three categories:

Great – generally the top 15 percent of customers

Good – around 35 percent of customers whose gas usage falls in the middle

More than average – the remaining 50 percent of customers

The comparison can help you determine if you can reduce usage or improve your home’s efficiency.

How accurate is the ThermWise Energy Comparison Report?2019-03-07T14:08:52+00:00

The report is as accurate as the customer information that we have available. You can log in to your account to update your household characteristics (year built, square footage and more) to improve the accuracy of the report.

I want to update my home’s square footage. How do you define footage?2019-03-07T14:09:01+00:00

We consider the square footage of your home/residence to be the total square footage of space that is heated and/or cooled.

I have multiple homes for which Dominion Energy provides natural gas service. Does the ThermWise Energy Comparison Report combine my homes into one report?2019-11-04T23:31:59+00:00

The ThermWise Energy Comparison Report does not combine the gas usage of multiple homes for gas customers. To view the gas usage of other locations under one account, simply log in to your account and select “Your Usage.”

If you have any additional questions, comments or suggestions about this report, we welcome your feedback. Please feel free to contact us at 1-877-250-0037.