As part of our continued efforts to help the environment, we’re devoting more of our resources to renewable natural gas (RNG). Now, this may not be as big in the popular lexicon as wind or solar power, but it has some pretty amazing benefits that we feel surpass even what those can provide. Namely, rather than simply being a clean-energy source, it also actively works at removing harmful byproducts from our atmosphere.

Essentially, the RNG process takes things that would typically be harmful pollutants and turns them into energy sources – stuff that previously would be considered useless. The major sources of RNG are landfills, animal manure and solid waste extracted during wastewater treatment. The term “renewable” is used to describe this natural gas because it is derived from waste that is continuously produced by present-day activities. These waste sources naturally produce methane as they decompose, so RNG production captures methane that would otherwise escape into the atmosphere.

It’s an exciting recent development in our industry, one that’s primed to grow exponentially over the years as new efficiencies and technologies are developed to aid in the process. Sure, it may not be the prettiest thing in the world. But using RNG is a pretty clear way toward helping keep the world pretty.