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Tips on Hiring Contractors

1. Request and check references from the contractor, and ask questions about the contractor's quality of work and whether the jobs are completed on schedule.

2. Verify the contractor has an active business and contractor license.

3. Check the Better Business Bureau for useful information about the contractor.

4. Verify the contractor carries the appropriate insurance for the work being performed.

5. Require the contractor to provide you with accurate documentation of the work being  performed:
      a. Date.
      b. Type of work performed.
      c. Total cost.
      d. Contractor contact information.

6. Be sure to understand all of the terms of the contracts or any other documents before signing.

For more tips on hiring contractors, contact the State Division of Consumer Affairs at

Verify a license with the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL) at

Wyoming: Verify business license Link:

Wyoming: Consumer Protection Link:


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