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How do we know the ThermWise® Home Energy Plan Program is a valuable experience that really works? Because our customers tell us! Read what customers just like you are saying.

“Norm was super patient and very knowledgeable. He took time to explain things about my particular home and how to improve it well. It was a good experience, and time well spent.”
Paula M.

“Kevin did wonderful in helping me improve my home! The program saved me a lot of money and helped save a visit from a contractor. I was able to save a lot of money on some things I learned to do for myself. Great job!”
Matthew K.

“Druce was very professional and very insightful about how to make my home more energy efficient! This was an excellent experience!”
Jon G.

“I was surprised at how helpful the Energy Plan was. I was really impressed with the process.”
Carolos L.

“It was a great experience with Dave. He was able to help me measure my insulation levels and see what I needed to become even more efficient. Very helpful!”
Ryan F.

“Dave did a wonderful job! He was able to find things in my home that I could improve to save money. He found things that were easy to fix, like a breeze that was coming through the doors. It was extremely helpful for us to have him come out.”
Josh B.

“I really appreciate having an objective viewpoint about things I can do to my home to improve any weak points. Art was able to give me honest and helpful pointers on improvements I could make. I really appreciated it.”
Genevieve O.

“I am glad that I had the privilege of having an experienced technician to come out and check my home. I especially appreciated him checking my water heater and pressure.” 
Milton T.


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