Meet our ThermWise® Energy Experts!

Our certified Energy Experts use their years of experience to achieve one goal: helping you save energy and money. Take a minute to read their stories, then pick up the phone and schedule your in-home energy plan!

Narm_BatemanNorm Bateman

I have been with Dominion Energy since 1991, and joined the ThermWise program in its first year, 2007, as an Energy Auditor/Specialist. The audit is like a roadmap -- it’s a step-by-step approach for making a home more efficient. Homeowners get a complete list of repairs; some are easy and others more difficult. Simply turning down the water heater temperature or installing door insulation can return substantial savings. The audit is a positive experience, and it is rewarding to see customers making constructive changes.

At home I’ve realized that doing small things will really add up. I’ve added insulation in my attic, installed a programmable thermostat and a more efficient water heater, replaced windows, sealed outlets, and sealed around my doors. My family and I have definitely seen the savings. With four kids at home, every bit of savings is welcome. Plus, spending less at home means we can afford to travel to our family’s favorite places. Lake Powell, here we come!

Kevin_ChambersKevin Chambers

I have been with Dominion Energy since 1996, starting in Evanston as a meter reader. I moved into technical service, and have been in the ThermWise program as an Energy Expert since 2015. I love working with home structure, architecture, construction and making homes more efficient, especially when it comes to energy. I enjoy helping people find ways to improve their homes, and find it very rewarding when I can help them find easy, inexpensive ways to either do-it yourself or use our great rebate program to fund  positive changes in their homes. Then they can use the savings to do things they enjoy more; for me, that would be more camping and fishing!

Dave_OrtegaDave Ortega

I have been with Dominion Energy for 14 years, first as a Service Technician and now as an Energy Audit Specialist. I believe in what the company is doing with this program, and I believe in what we are doing to help our customers -- not only helping to conserve our resources, which are important, but also to help customers save some money in the process. I enjoy being able to come to a customer’s home and to help them reduce costs, and to use that money to do something they enjoy more.

Druce_HigginsDruce Higgins

I have worked for Dominion Energy since 1986. I started out reading meters, and from there I transferred into technical service as an operations technician, helping with day-to-day work, gas leaks and emergency services. In 2011, I transferred into the ThermWise department where I was able to utilize the skills I had acquired to help improve people’s homes even more. I love my job, since I am able to meet a lot of people, travel all over, and help people save on gas usage – allowing them to be more comfortable in their homes.

Being a grandad, I know how important family is. I enjoy helping people worry less about their homes and money, and being able to spend more time with their families. I look forward to helping even more people as I move forward with the company.

Christina_WhitecarChristina Whitecar

I have been with Dominion Energy for 12-plus years, and enjoy working with our ThermWise customers. It’s rewarding to see people recognize the benefits of conserving energy and how these efforts are improving our environment. As ThermWise coordinator, I love hearing how the program is helping our customers by improving their homes and lives.


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