Here at Dominion Energy we’re committed to taking steps to combat human-caused pollution and global warming. So when KSL started the Keep Utah Green initiative, we were thrilled to join other local companies like Ivory Homes, SelectHealth® and Orbit®. Because nobody can solve this issue alone, we all need to work at helping each other be better.

We’re taking steps to reduce the impact humans and companies have on the natural beauty that surrounds us all. At Dominion Energy, we’ve been running the ThermWise® program for years, helping educate consumers on how to maintain efficient homes. We’re also dedicated to increasing our use of renewable natural gas. Our partners in the KSL initiative are doing their part as well, like Ivory Homes helping make greener houses and Orbit lessening the environmental impact of lawn care. Together, we’ve teamed up on projects such as planting trees across seven different parks as well as helping with the Clean the Air Challenge.

The world will continue to evolve, and we intend to change with it, all while ensuring its natural beauty survives. We’re dedicated to continuing partnerships such as this one, and constantly looking for innovations and technologies to help reduce our impact on the planet. We hope you’ll join us in this endeavor.