Custom Rebates Program

The ThermWise Business Custom Program offers qualifying business customers an opportunity to obtain rebates for natural gas saving energy efficiency projects that fall outside of the prescriptive ThermWise Business Program. In order for a project to qualify this program, the facility where the project is taking place must be on a commercial GS rate and the customer must contact us PRIOR to purchasing or installing any equipment. If a customer does not contact us before beginning a project, it will NOT qualify.

Custom Rebates Program Manual

Qualifying Measures

Qualifying measures may be installed in either existing or new construction applications and include any measure that:

  • Produces a verifiable natural gas usage reduction
  • Has a minimum useful life of seven years
  • Is not offered though the post-purchase ThermWise Business Rebates Program

Examples of Eligible Measures

  • Solar hot water Heating
  • Control system upgrades
  • Process equipment insulation improvements

Business Custom Rebate Forms